Akron OH

Akron OH is described as a city located in the heart of tire country. It has an immense history dating back to at least 1825 when Summit County was formed, with Akron OH being its county seat. This is notable due to the fact that Summit County is one of Ohio’s very first counties. Akron OH was also incorporated in 1836, making it one of Ohio’s oldest cities next to Cincinnati OH which became a city in 1802.

The population in 2016 was recorded at 197k people living within the city limits. The metro area has over 700k people however. In terms of demographics, there were just about 38.1 percent White and 48.2 percent Black people living in the city for 2016, with Hispanic or Latino and Asian making up just under 5% each.

Police precinct statistics from 2013 showed that there were over 15k crime reports filed during that year. The clearance rate was recorded at 37%. Property crimes such as burglary and larceny made up 58% of all reported crimes within the city. For violent crimes such as assault, rapes and murders – these numbered 486 cases out of the total number of reported crimes which is around 15k+.

Akron OH is neighbored by several other municipalities including Barberton OH to the north, Coventry Township to the east, Norton OH to the south and Fairlawn OH to the west. It’s also bordered by Copley Township to the northwest and Tallmadge Township to the south.

The economy of Akron OH is largely based on production industries such as rubber, tire manufacturing and polymer R&D, with all three being headquartered within the city limits. The University of Akron has housed many manufacturing R&D departments for its hire over the years, although it no longer does that today. However, there are still several other companies that enjoy cranking out products in these areas.