Akron Art Museum In Akron OH

Akron Art Museum is a museum in Akron, OH. It is located at 1 S. High St., between E. Market and Main Streets in downtown Akron, immediately across from the Akron-Summit County Public Library and adjacent to Quaker Square!

Akron Art Museum was established in 1935 as The Akron Art Institute by the Allyn family with initial support from the Works Progress Administration (WPA). In 1947, Joseph G. Albritton became involved as Curator of Exhibitions at AUAA. Under his guidance much of the early growth and development of the museum took place.

In 1965, AUAA established an Education Program under a newly hired Director which included a Gallery Study class for adults and children organized around a Saturday schedule beginning with an Adult Discussion Group. The Educational Program continued to grow under the guidance of Lois Brodt, Director from 1972 until 1993.

The museum shifted its focus in 1985 with the appointment of Alice Gray Stites as Executive Director and Chief Curator, who overhauled the exhibition program. Stites oversaw three new building projects for AUAA: an addition to the main gallery (1994), a 15,000-square-foot underground expansion (designed by Robert Maschke Architects) featuring 21st Century Galleries; and renovation of historic Quaker Square into interconnected buildings housing workspaces for artists and 220 units of affordable housing (2004). Under Stites’ leadership over 50 separate exhibitions were organized that garnered national media attention both critically and popularly.